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WMS has been Milwaukee's local media monitor for over 20 years. On November 30th the owner, Mark Goff, passed away. Mark was working with my media monitoring and measurement service to help fulfill orders and track news for his customers. Over the past few years it was my pleasure to work with Mark, even through to his last day.

Universal Information Services and I am proud to assist Mark and his family transition clients and station referrals to Universal Information Services.

Our company was started in 1908, and serves stations and PR clients throughout the Midwest and around the world. I'm a second generation owner and also a graduate of UW-Madison. Universal has approximately 20 employees and other service partners around the world.

On behalf of our team, we look forward to helping you. -Todd Murphy, CEO

Universal Information Services

Media Coverage

We have Milwaukee's news and public information broadcasts going back to the fall of 2006. We are only able to provide copies of news that has appeared on the air, raw footage from the station is not available.

In addition, we can obtain news stories from all markets in Wisconsin, provide radio monitoring, and can provide the national network news broadcasts and virtually all cable news shows, as well as local news stories from other cities in the United States and Canada. 

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Available Milwaukee Stations

Wisconsin Media Services provides digital files or DVD's of news stories from Milwaukee's four news-broadcasting television stations and other markets throughout the United States.

WITI-TV Channel 6 (FOX)


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Universal Information Services now manages services provided by Wisconsin Media Services.